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I have recently been divorced and live the quiet life as single. I have recently sought old friends and acquaintances from my past. Many of these friends I lost when I met Rikke. She did not care about my friends and the ties were quietly cut perfect girls.
In this connection, I also lost contact with my ex-sister-in-law, Katrine. Katrine was my sister-in-laws both perfect girls   when I came with Malene. Katrine and I were incredibly good friends when I was girlfriend with her sister perfect girls.
When I got divorced from Rikke, Katrine was of course one of those I was looking for. I had missed our friendship and became incredibly relieved and happy when Katrine took me with open arms. She invited me to morning coffee, and of course I said thank you perfect girls.
We met as agreed perfect girls, I was received with a proper hug, which I of course returned.
Katrine, despite her age 45 and mother-in-law for 2 children, was still incredibly well-formed perfect girls. She was an amazingly beautiful girl with completely blonde hair and flickering blue eyes, her breasts are big, still splendid and beautiful. In short, a nice review.
We enjoyed ourselves with coffee and rolls. We talked old days and had a lot of fun in each other’s company. When I left Katrine, I was in a good mood, we agreed that we should definitely see each other again perfect girls.
It took 2 weeks before I heard from Katrine again. She asked if we should meet again? I thanked you for the invitation and we agreed to watch a movie together the following Friday perfect girls.
perfect girls
perfect girls

It was Friday and I met as agreed. Katrine received me again with a good hug. Arrrhhhh where was she then, And since I had been a bachelor for six months, I was easily confident. She had dressed a nice set of clothes, which certainly did not hide her preference; on the contrary, her nipples were pressed against the fabric, and her tight leggin left a nice outline of her vagina and lashes. I became instinctively horny, and my cock also reacts to the sight of this beautiful woman.
When I got into Katrine’s living room, it was amazingly cozy, lots of candles were on and there was a lovely moodful music. Katrine asked me to sit down and said; Feel at home.
Katrine went out into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine. “You drink hopefully red wine?” She asked. “Yes, of course,” I replied. She gave up and we chatted for a good hour, and my lusts were a bit obscured, I did not consider myself a sexually interesting topic for Katrine. When we had talked Katrine put a movie on. While we watched the movie, I could not help sitting and watching Katrine, shut up where would I give a lot to get in her pants. She sat a little obliquely towards me. Suddenly she turned around to take her wine glasses. She looked directly at me, took a drink of the wine and gave me a nice smile.

perfect girls
perfect girls

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“What’s up?” I thought, was this a flirt on her side, or was it my lack of sex and the life in celibacy that cared for my mind? I’m not good at interpreting signals of this kind, if that’s what The whole thing was a signal? At least I sat down with a half-stitched pant in the pants. So it did not happen anymore. Without thinking about it, one glass of wine took another, Katrine was generous to give birth, and I had not fooled her back thought at all.
The movie was finished. We sat and enjoyed a little more with the wine, and the clock approached midnight, and the evening was just as close. Then the reality suddenly hit me;
Katrine said, “Did not you really drink too much to drive?” “Yes,” I replied, “but I just have to take a taxi and get my car tomorrow.
” “No,” Katrine said, “Mikkel (Katrine’s son) does not come home tonight so you can just sleep in his room.” “I would like to,” I replied. I actually had already thought that I would like to share Bed with Katrine, but it was in my dream world. Katrine found bed linen for me and we said goodnight with a good hug and when we stood very close, Katrine could not help feeling my condition in the lower floors. My thoughts were still in the dream world, there was no limit to what I would like to do with this delicious creation! She said “goodnight – lovely guy” gave me another hug, and this time she gave me a hug on the ball and ended with a quick kiss on her mouth. Then we each went to her, she went to her bedroom, and I in Mikkel’s room.
In fact, I was quite tired after a hard day at work, and the wine also made me a little bit of food, so I quickly thundered.

perfect girls
perfect girls

I woke up suddenly and got a bit frightened. Katrine was getting under my pillow! What! I thought I pretended I was still sleeping,and lesbian  I got a little paf and did not quite know what to put up? There was no reason to speculate much more. Katrine’s hands began to wander around my body, I was totally passive! I did not get a ski, I still did not think I was in Katrine’s league, I was just a standard boring guy – but it seemed that it was not the case in her world!
When her hand reached my tights, my cock was already stiff. It was totally unclean to lie down here and play sleep while a beautiful woman pounded at me! I opened my eyes and whispered: “Katrine”? I could not say more, her answer was her mouth that sat over me, and soon our tongues were in a loud kiss! I promise that my passivity has disappeared! I had been a bit confused over the fact that I had been sitting over a former girlfriend’s little sister, but the problem was “way back in the history”.
I stroked my hands through the hair of Katrina and kissed her, it was a totally tired feeling to lie here with a beautiful woman, which I did not actually think was achievable. At the same time, it was a good feeling again to have a woman “in her hands”. It would soon be much better.

perfect girls
perfect girls
My hands began to explore Katrine’s body, slowly I pushed my fingers over her face, I was kidding for her shoulders and throats. I continued down to her breasts, which I caressed with the back of my palm, I resounded her warts, which were completely rigid. There was no doubt that she enjoyed it in full swing. I had been brave and continued down to her pussy, my fingers found her delicious grotto, which was wet just like f … ..lesbin She was pretty horny! I decided that now I would go “all in” So I layed her head between her legs, now she would have to get a blow job that she would late forget. I divorced her lap and placed my tongue on her clitoris, it gave a set to her and she moaned loudly. I worked hard on her dandruff while I fingered her. Katrine whined and angry, this was something she liked, and suddenly she came in a powerful orgasm that shattered her body. I continued to hug her under her orgasm. She was absolutely crazy! Suddenly she lay silent. “How delicious was it?” She moaned, she gave me a long and horny kiss, I could taste her juices in the kiss, and I was totally excited.
Katrine just had to whine a little, then she pushed me back and said, “Now it’s your turn, your naughty satan”. I was still totally excited and my cock had never been harder than now, so it felt like that at least. Katrine gave me a trip that reminded me of what I had done for her. The difference was, however, that she started kissing me hugely, after which she kissed me down to my nipples, her heavy knee around the warts, which of course was like two small projectiles. It did not last long before she reached the cock. She licked up and down the shaft, and every time she got to the dickhead she moved down the shaft again. She completely avoided her head in her mouth. It was fandme hard diet, but also extremely naughty. When she reached my noses, she took them in the mouth alternately and sucked so it gave a vacuum …… Mein good in heaven – I was about to explode! For a long time she took her dick in her mouth, In return, she swallowed it to the root, I would never have thought it would surpass me! It soon became too much for me, and it was moving strongly in the cock. I sent a large charge of sperm and, to my great delight, she continued to lick. It has always been my big dream to try and the other women I’ve been with have thought it was clumsy to swallow. But not Katrine, she whipped all of herself, and it was not so much – I came in the biggest orgasm I ever had, it was just before I fainted! Even after I arrived, my cock was getting small cramps, it was a great experience. Katrine licked me clean and crept up to me and gave me a wet kiss, I had not tried it before, I could taste my own sperm in her wet kiss, but surprisingly, it turned on me!
We lay a little in silence. I later found out that we both had the same idea: “Was this wrong?” How would Malene react if she knew this? That we suddenly had to be friends, that we were now together and were called sex? That’s the Malenes sister I had just licked with great desire and passion?
We reached our own thoughts for the same result. Malene did not live in Denmark, and now and here, it was virtually no matter what others thought this was so delicious to both of us. We both needed this redemption, and we obviously drew each other.
perfect girls
perfect girls

Just lying here with Katrine, the close wrap was the best thing that had happened to me for a long time. I needed this proximity. As we lay such an arm in my arm, my loneliness returned, I wanted more and I would take advantage of the chance now! Imagine if Katrine realized that this was something she regretted. Then I would annoy me for the rest of my life, not having taken the chance to hug this subtle goddess. My cock was ready for battle! I had gotten behind Katrine so we were going to happen. She could not help feeling that there was a blow to attack again in the southern region. She moved a little, so my cock slid between her buttocks. I led the dick into her from behind, and I drove my cock in and out of her in a small gentle bump, I did this for a while, and now she was fond of well-being. She lay on her back, and I layed her upstairs and stabbed her cock into her, and climbed her at a faster pace. P. gave my huge orgasm earlier, I could stay for a long time so she came back in a loud orgasm, for whom I was grateful, That her son was not home. After a while, I could feel that I was close to climax, I turned her around and pulled her up on all four until it was my absolute favorite position. I jogged my cock in her pussy, starting with short short blows, I gradually increased the pace and knocked her harder and harder, she was singing with joy, and then we came across a huge common orgasm.
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Then we both became quiet again, we were going to happen – it was heavenly. Katrine broke silence; “Victor? “Promise me this was not a one-time stand?” I turned her head toward me, looked deeply in her eyes and said, “Sweet Katrine, I could not dream of letting something be so fantastic being a one-time show. In fact, I hope we can repeat it soon? “. “I’m glad you got it like that” She answered that she kissed me and put herself close to me perfect girls.
“I’m dead and gone to heaven” I thought, after a while, I died again. I slept wonderfully the rest of the night and woke up almost a morning with a smile on the lip, and a properly stif.

perfect girls
perfect girls

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