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I remember it as another hot summer, where the sun shone most of the time. I was filled 15 in May and as usual I spent a holiday withtow friends in their cottage near Dueodde on Tube Galore Hot
They both were school teachers and therefore had a long summer holiday so I was often on holiday with them at the start of school holidays, And then my parents came to Bornholm when their holiday started a couple of weeks later Tube Galore Hot
Tow friends had 2 children; Mathilde and Nikolas, who were twins and one year older than me. I had known them all my life, and we always enjoyed each other very well together. The last couple of years, as we became teenagers, it was especially me and Mathilde who were constantly together Tube Galore Hot.

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Mathilde was also the most outgoing and always good at finding crazy things, We should make or try. But Nikolas was the more quiet and sensible who had to be pulled with us two annoying boys .
Mathilde was almost as tall as me, probably 176 cm, and even though her breasts like mine were relatively small, he had a little more female shapes with a slim waist and a slightly bigger toenail than mine. he had a long chestnut brown and the cutest freckles of her nose, and his bright blue eyes gave her a charming, generous expression Tube Galore Hot.
Nikolas was a bit higher than me and, unlike Mathilde, he was quite light-haired but with the same whole light-blue eyes. He had always been a little thin and ruddy, but in the last year he had been training a lot and had a little muscle on his body.
The cottage was located in the western end of Dueodde area near the beautiful sandy beach. It was an old cottage of wood, As my uncle had even converted several lanes with several guest rooms. He had also built a small annex with a single bed and double bed, where we three children used to sleep Tube Galore Hot.

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tube galore

The first couple of days we enjoyed playing cards and board games, went for walks, went to the beach and just had to relax and did not have to get anything.
It was one of the rare good summers without the heat wave, but the air and water temperatures were quite comfortable so the daily routine was that we all packed up food and drink and carpets and towels at. 10.00 and walked the small mile down to the beach.
If we were at the beach early, we could always find one of the big “pots” where we all 5 could lay in. A disturbing thing at the beach trips was that my uncle and aunt, As were some old hippies, always bathed naked. And that was Mathilde and Nikolas also assigned to. Then as soon as we had found a pot where we could lay, they threw all four clothes and were always crazy all the time Tube Galore Hot.

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tube galore

When I was little I did not think about it, it was just natural. But when I became 12-13 years and more aware of my body, I found it uncomfortable to be naked when we were to the beach and everyone could see me. But I had always taken off my bikini, even though I thought it was a bit uncomfortable. Strangely, neither Mathilde and Nikolas bothered to be naked with their parents.
At home I had seen a little bit of porn, especially when I was at my best friend and we were alone at home, so we had curiously looked at her parents’ porn movies. And now that we were at the beach and everyone was completely naked, I could not help watching their naked bodies.
I lay on my stomach and pretend to sleep, so I could see my uncle Thorkild’s big cock dangle between his legs as he tried to get their Golden Retriever up in the cliff. Or I could look at my aunt Hanne’s beautiful body. Her breasts were big and round, and although they hung a little, they were very beautiful. I lay several times wondering if my little gowns would be as big and beautiful one day Tube Galore Hot.

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I also considered Nikolas, especially that he had started to get some muscle and it dressed him. His cock was not as big as his father, but it looked very hot now, as it lay slack between his legs. His pubic hair was funny something darker than the bright lures on his head.
But I mostly saw Mathilde’s beautiful body. We were usually a little away from the others so we could talk peacefully and talk about everything so that I could look at her as much as I wanted, and she could see my body.
Like many other teenagers, I was unsure of my own body and thought my breasts were too small and my ass for the boy. Mathilde, on the other hand, was absolutely perfect. Although her breasts were probably also for a b-bowl they were just as well done, beautiful round well-formed. Real woman breasts. And in contrast to my excessive nipples, Mathildes were small and elegant Tube Galore Hot.

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I had also seen her naked last year, and there she had a little two hair by her mistake, but now she was completely slippery. I could not help looking at her lap when the chance struck. It was the first time I had seen an adult girl with a completely slippery pussy. I could clearly see the tears below the Venetian mountain. There was something innocent but also annoying about it Tube Galore Hot.
My own crack was covered in black curly hair. As we lay in the cliff and talked, I thought about how it would feel completely slippery. And I had a great desire to ask Mathilde about how it was and if I had to touch it, but I did not dare of course.
On the fourth day, Nikolas was to sleep with a mate, so Mathilde and I had the annex to ourselves. After dinner we had matador with my uncle and aunt, and when we finished Mathilde and I went to bed. Mathilde and Nikolas usually slept in the double bed, but when he was not there, Mathilde said, That I should get up next to his.

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tube galore

Mathilde always slept only in panties, I even think her parents always sleep completely naked. At least, I would have seen it both in the kitchen early in the morning without a throat on the body. I usually had a night suit, but I forgot to pack, so I had a T-shirt and panties on.
We had made it very nice with four-light candles in the window frames and on the table, and then we were chatty about guys and lovers. We had also done that the year before, but I was still a virgin, and Mathilde was curious to hear if something had happened.
I could tell how I had lost my mum on my 15th birthday and that it was one of my great brother’s 18-year-olds and that it was a lovely experience.
She told her she had a boyfriend, But they had turned up a few months ago, so now she only had a living life. I had not heard of that concept, and of course I was curious to know what a living was, even though I had a clue.
She told her that she knew a guy of her own age with which she had sex and sometimes they fought several times a week and it was absolutely delicious. But that they were just friends and never wanted to be lovers. She did not really tell who he was and how he looked, only that he had a nice cock.
There was a moment of silence while I lay and imagined how Mathilde and her life had sex together.
“Julie, I think you look a lot of my pussy,” Mathilde said suddenly, “is it because it’s completely slippery?”.
I immediately became embarrassed and my cheeks were very hot. Was it really so clear? I admitted with a cautious “yes”.
“How could it be that you shaved your hair away?” I asked.
“Because it feels so delicious, it’s as if you can feel everything better … more intense,” Mathilde explained enthusiastically.

“It’s also good for the guy when he licks me,” she continued.

I only had licked pussy once, and I think it was one of the most delicious, actually better than when Victor, my big brother’s friend, called his stiff cock in me. And when Mathilde mentioned “getting a pussy pussy” I could feel a little tingling feeling downstairs, And I kneel my legs close together to suppress the desire to touch myself.

“Do you want to feel me?” Mathilde asked with a cool voice.

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tube galore

Mathild’s questions came completely unexpectedly. But it seemed very attractive to me. When I had looked at the porn sheet with my girlfriend, I had sat down and touched myself between the legs. But only on the pants. The same thing she had done. I think we were too bluffy to really masturbate, not at all talking about touching each other. But I could feel that with Mathilde it was completely different.

“Neeej,” I nevertheless answered with a spag and insecure voice.

“Come on, Julie, I can see you want to …

” … can I? “I did not hope my voice sounded too happy.

” Yes, Her fingertips touched the little nipple that looked so stiff and hard. It was wildly cross-border for me to touch another girl’s mist, but I was almost hypnotic, just had to feel her. I moved my hand so the two middle rests right in the crack Tube Galore Hot. There came a little voice from Mathildes lips. I pushed my fingertip between her outer lapel and into her inner. They were small and felt hot and wet. It was a bit like touching my own pussy and so completely different. Mathildes raised his upper body and supported the elbows, so her hands could hug the breasts. She lay in her lower lip, like to suppress a mood while watching me with a pensive eyesight, – considered her 15-year-old cousin sitting next to her with a finger down in her smooth crack. I pushed it gently back and forth between the wet inner lining. Mathilde had now spread his leg even more so that the poop was now completely open. It was obvious that it gave her a nice feeling, because she rotated a little bit of the lap to create more pressure. I rubbed my finger up to the little skin fold that covered her dandruff. Mathilde groaned when I touched it. “Ohhh, Julie, it feels so sweet, keep up,” she said with a strange hoarse voice. I circled my fingertip around the skin fold. The harder and faster I did, the more moaned Mathilde. “Oh, give me my finger, Julie,” Mathilde screamed. I assumed, That she wanted to mark my finger up, so I pushed my wet middle finger down and found her mouth open, and slowly I let it slip into her. She came with a horny voice when my finger slid into the wet hole. She was pretty tight, but also wet and soft, so her finger hurried out effortlessly. Mathilde sounded more and more stabbing and she had started rotating her abdomen to my hand. She pulled her hand to her pussy and with two fingers she rubbed her dumble while I knocked her sheath. I put my other hand on her free breast and started caressing it and squeezing it. Mathilde groaned higher and higher, and with her tiny body bent herself like a bow, and she cried as if she were ecstatic. She now held my wrist hard, indicating that I should not move it Tube Galore Hot.

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“Ohhhh …. yesaaaa ….. yesaaaa …..,” he shouted so loudly that I feared that she would wake Thorkild and Hanne over to the house. After a while, the orgasm subsided and Mathilde sank together and began to relax. She still had her hand on my wrist, gently pulled my finger out of her lap and led it to her mouth. It was completely wet of his fisses. he licked it clean while he smiled cheekily at me. I had been quite influenced by seeing Mathilde get my orgasm from my finger and the mood between us was unpredictable. Mathilde could clearly feel it on me. “Now it’s your turn, cousin.” That she said “cousin” made it even more forbidden and rude. I could feel this particular special feeling of suffering that is so delicious. he grabbed my T-shirt and lifted it off of me. he could now see my little breasts with the stiff nipples. “Julie, lay down on your back so I can really see you”. I did as Mathilde said he was sitting with her knees right next to me. Then she grabbed the truss edge at my hips and pulled my pants down. I quickly lifted the numb to make it easier. It was hugely irritating to lie naked while my cousin looked at me with a horny eye. he smiled at me, his little charming giant smile. “Oh, Julie, where I envy your delicious brown color”. Mathilde took my hands up to my breasts and began to caress them. It collapsed in my lap, When I felt her fingers stroking over my completely stiff and stiff nipples to touch them just. Mathilde let her fingers slip down my belly skin Tube Galore Hot.

Down to my thighs, they rested a little against my skin so she let the fingers slide upside down the inside of my easily scattered legs, but without touching my burning mist. And so on through the groin and stomach of my excited breasts. She only touched my skin, it felt like I was burning with lust. I lay and saw her sitting next to me, naked and hot, while her hands touched me silky and irritating. I must have looked like a little dog puppy waiting to get a juicy meatbone. Oh … just she would touch me right. Mathilde lifted herself and moved between my legs as she gently spread out to the sides, So my pussy got completely devoid. Again she ate me on the inside of my thighs, then let one hand slide my friend’s birch hill, where it snuggled into my crushed black pubic hair. I was going to be horny, I came with a little whining when her fingers gently stroked my crack. I was sure I could feel a little drop penetrate and run out between my swollen sensitive lumps. With one she bent down with her head to my lap, and the second time I felt her heavy frame my crack. At first on the crack between my outer lips, and again soft and irritating, Then she let her tongue slide deeper, between my inner lips and so up, so she opened my pussy. It felt like a complete redemption, almost like a little orgasm, to feel her soft tongue in my wet open pussy. At first she licked me angels gently and patiently, as if her tongue was only a little discovered in my pink crack. I felt the tip of the tongue circle a little down at even the opening of the skull, and then up to the skin fold that covered my gradually dazzling dune Tube Galore Hot.

My breath had become heavier and I was struggling to suppress small moods. It felt so wonderful though. Mathilde continued to lick my pussy, now for more long demanding candy all the way down from the middle meat and up between my shamrocks and on my little hard knuckle that was hard and almost irritated. Then she circled the tongue about the dune, sucked it in and sipped it. I was about to explode, so well felt. I lay and hugged the mattress hard with my hands as I moved my abdomen to the mouth of Mathild. And just as I did not think it could get any better, I felt one or two fingers gliding in my step all the way. And then again. Mathilde began to hug me with my fingers, fast and hard, every time my fingertips rubbed my sensitive g-point. Her tongue was still about my dune, licking and sobbing it hard. I moaned and whispered very loudly now. I could feel how the orgasm arose and approached and would take over Tube Galore Hot.
I had never felt anything so beautiful. It also happened, it all exploded in my body, I shook and angry when I got into the wildest orgasm. I had to get away from Mathildes mouth, but she held me now with both hands on my hip legs while almost eating my pussy. The whole thing almost sorted out for me, one orgasm took over after another. And Mathilde licked and licked me all the time. She later told me that I was so scared that she was afraid that her parents would wake up in the house and think we had been attacked. After what I felt was infinitely long, my orgasm cramps began to diminish. Mathilde slipped into my hips and stopped licking my very wet pussy. And I began to relax, I lay on my back and breathed out, my legs were still scattered. I felt with my one hand on my very hot pussy, it was completely wet of my juice, even my inner thighs were wet. Mathilde had got up in mermaid position, she was also wet around her mouth. I took her arm and pulled her down to her. I had the most wonderful feeling in my body, the feeling of infinite happiness and I just had to kiss her. Fortunately, she also had such a way that our lips met and opened, so our tongues could touch each other. And I could taste my own salty fissesafter. We lay long and kissed and held each other. Her naked body against me, her little delicious breasts touched mine. I felt like I was in heaven. After lying for a while, Mathilde pulled up his duvet over us. I could feel the fatigue was overwhelming me. Mathilde had it in the same way. “I’m looking forward to waking up with you tomorrow …” I whispered to his. he gave me a little kiss, and then we fell asleep. Continued … His naked body against me, his little delicious breasts touched mine. I felt like I was in heaven. After lying for a while, Mathilde pulled up his duvet over us. I could feel the fatigue was overwhelming me. Mathilde had it in the same way. “I’m looking forward to waking up with you tomorrow …” I whispered to his. he gave me a little kiss, and then we fell asleep. Continued … Her naked body against me, his little delicious breasts touched mine. I felt like I was in heaven. After lying for a while, Mathilde pulled up his duvet over us. I could feel the fatigue was overwhelming me. Mathilde had it in the same way. “I’m looking forward to waking up with you tomorrow …” I whispered to his. he gave me a little kiss, and then we fell asleep. Continued … And then we fell asleep. Continued … And then we fell asleep. Continued Tube Galore Hot …

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