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Lost thoughts Steffi went to her bedroom to elephant tube move for jogging. Like every Sunday evening, her girlfriend Anne would be standing by the door to pick her up for the weekly sports program. When she opened the drawer with her underwear, she caught sight of the love balls that her husband had given her some time ago to test. He was on his way tonight, playing with his buddies. In Steffi’s head, the idea of getting a little sharpened with the balls and then nibbling him afterward formed.

Checking, she pushed a finger between the labia. She elephant tube was surprised that she was quite wet. She wiped her finger with her juice and rubbed her clit a few times to increase her aching excitement. When she sensed that her vagina was now properly receptive, she put a leg on the bed and pushed the love balls into her hole. So far she found the effect of the bullets always frustratingly low and had therefore only used them twice. But it could not hurt either, and before she could even think about it, the bell rang at the door. Quickly she crossed her jogging clothes and opened.

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As usual, the two girls greeted each other to greet them, then they elephant tube were running at a moderate pace, both more or less motivated. Steffi quickly noticed an intense tingling sensation in her pussy, where the love balls came back to her. With mixed feelings, she realized that by jogging they had much more effect. She became hot and her knees began to tremble as her body went through a period of excitement after the next. She was running faster, which Anne noticed. Steffi tore himself together as best he could, and tried not to show anything. Time and again, shivers and waves, coming from the hot area between her legs, ran through her and her nipples were stiff. Luckily it was cold, so this was not quite so inappropriate.

The two of them had walked about half the distance, when they were surprised by elephant tube a rain show, rather a cloudbreak. In no time they were pitschnass and frozen. But it did not help, they had to go back down the road. Faster than usual they managed the second u tube elephant half, yet they could not prevent them from being soaked to the skin. Through the cold and the exertion, Steffi’s excitement subsided, and soon she no longer thought of the bullets. Back in Steffi’s house the two peeled out of the clothes.

Steffi gave Anne a jogging trousers and a shirt and dressed herself to her short sleepless. Unfortunately, they were still cold, so they relocated and Steffi preheated the sauna in the basement. They sat elephant tube down in the meantime in the living room and drank a glass of wine. It was dark in the meantime, the rain was pounding on the roof, and they were talking and listening to music. The sauna was meanwhile preheated. The girls went into the cellar, pulled out, and lay down on the sunbeds, Anne on the upper and Steffi down. Quiet and relaxed, they lay silent for a while, enjoying the warmth. Then Steffi heard Anne speak uncertainly insecure and softly. “You, I know it’s stupid now, but what do you have between your legs?” She asked embarrassed.

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Steffi became hot and cold. In fact, she had not thought of the bullets at all after the rain shower. She shuddered at the language briefly, and at the same time noticed the wetness and the tingling sensation between her legs. Since she had generally not fallen to u tube elephant the mouth, and the child had already fallen into the well, she decided for the honest answer. “Um, these are love balls. I wanted to look quite spontaneously, whether the things while jogging bring more than usual. Well, frankly, I’ve forgotten her completely through the rain. My plan was to keep me happy until my husband came back and … well, you know … “she explained openly and honestly.

Anne was much more reserved in these matters than Steffi and had not had a friend for a long time, so it was her first time to find no words. All the more so, Steffi wondered about the curiosity and openness that now spilled out of Anne. “And how does it feel? I’ve been playing for a long time with the thought of buying me a vibrator or something. You know, I’ve got to get rid of it on my own. “Oh, so you ran so fast, and your nipples could not be overlooked, and I thought sheep would be cold to you. ”

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Playfully and without thinking about it, Anne nipped into the nipple of her friend. This shot up like a flash. The laughter stopped and they looked at each other, u tube elephant unsure what to do or say. Then they both turned aside, and were silent for a while. “I’ll take her out, okay?” Steffi asked softly, “Sure!” Anne replied, a bit too fast and too loud, so she was all the more aware that she was overwhelmed with the situation. Steffi grabbed herself between the legs and slowly pulled on the string that peered out of her vagina.

Anne watched curiously as the three balls elephant tube porn gradually slipped out of the slippery interior of their girlfriend. Between her own legs it began to tingy. With a tremulous voice, she asked, “May I, too … I mean, just …” Steffi had noticed that her friend had watched her closely, holding the balls that were shining with her juice, in his hand and said, “Um, clearly, why not, I can go out if you want.” “No, no,” Anne replied, a little too fast.

Even before tube elephant came to wipe the balls, Anne took her from her hand and felt her curiously. “It must be slippery if you want to introduce it. You must stop, well, … “S tube elephant tried to explain, but Anne was much too excited to waste time. she asked, smiling. “I am.” She free elephant tube reached for her shaved column, spreading the labia a little, and Steffi saw her shiny pink interior.

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Anne set the balls without removing tube elephants moisture elephant tube porn from them. She tried to relax and pressed the first ball into the vagina. She smashed in her hole. Anne moaned briefly and closed her eyes. The second ball followed, then the third. Anne was now lying on her back and breathing audibly. Unconsciously, tube elephant had pushed the hand between her legs as she looked at her excited girlfriend and now stroked her clitoris.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her leg. At first, she wanted to pull her leg away, but at the same time she noticed how her body reacted. Her pussy was getting more nervous and her body was soaked with goose bumps. So she remained unsettled at first. Anne had now laid aside and watched her. She breathed to her, “Oh, God, you are right, these bullets just make you wan t elephant tube porn  more, instead of really satisfying. Steffi, who was not the only one in the world, was a man who had never seen her before became more nervous, and easily approached her, and u tube elephant neither of them spoke.

The next moment, Steffi noticed Anne’s hand on her chest free elephant tube. She touched her extremely carefully, stroked her, and approached the nipples slowly. These rose quickly and Steffi opened her mouth slightly and groaned softly. Again and again Anne changed from the right to the left nipple and fluttered it with her fingertips, unsure and yet purposeful. Steffi forgot everything and enjoyed the elephant tube porn unusual touch.

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Anne could not help but fondle herself. She kneaded her own small breasts, which were so in contrast to Steffi’s luscious breasts, which she at the same time free elephant tube also enclosed more firmly. They felt now both unimagined, infinite pleasure. Anne willingly opened her thighs as Steffi’s hand headed for her pussy. Steffi felt for the first time a strange vagina and the damp lust of another woman. When she found her clitoris and Anne greeted her with a loud groan, she began to rub her own pleasure center violently.

“I want you to taste,” Steffi groaned to her friend, and she slipped down from her couch, placed her knees to the right and left of Steffi’s head, and let her u tube elephant greed the fragrance of her femininity She licked quickly and under pressure over Anne’s clit as she spread her own thighs wide and fingered, then finally began to pull slowly on the string that was sticking out of Anne’s vagina and the bullets out of her narrow canal it was about Anne.

Anne’s whole body trembled, and her much-too-long-drawn-out pleasure unfolded in a long and violent orgasm. Steffi buried her face in the lap of her friend, when she finally came to her. Several times, all the muscles in her abdomen tightened violently and jerkily, and she screamed at the climax as they finally relaxed.

Both came slowly back to reality. Anne stood up and said, smiling: “Hey, I thought you wanted to pick up your man.” Steffi laughed loosely, “Well, he’ll get his money,” she said mysteriously.

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Two hours later, she thought back to this moment, grinning to herself as she clung to the kitchen table and received the powerful shocks of her husband, who, after she had told him all the details in all the details, turned around the table without a word free elephant tube stooped, pushed her skirt up and slipped off her panties. With unrestrained excitement, he had pressed his rocky tail from behind into her and now satisfied her. Steffi loved it when he took her so hard. And u tube elephant while her thoughts were circling round the experience with Anne and she felt her husband spraying her warm seed with her last, almost brutal bruises, she was also beaten by a new orgasm.