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I had been to premiere in Imperial on the new James Bond movie “Skyfall” along with a number of friends, their grown-up children and some of their friends and acquaintances. We were well 20-25 people in total. We are used to such a premiere to meet up in the stiffest pudding women in “Bond-babe” like outfit or long dress and the gentlemen in tuxedo.

Among the children’s friends was a girl, Sille, who is at the beginning of the twenties. She was wearing a black, slightly transparent, knee-length dress, which clearly showed that she is a very well-behaved girl. The dress was open in the back, and before that it was discreetly down, which testified of a pair of beautiful breasts, which in no way indicated the use of silicone. Who was only 20-25 years younger!
Before the movie started at. 19 we all met for a glass of champagne and some snacks. Sille was smiling and threw in between a stolen look at me, I could feel and when I looked at her, she smiled sweetly.

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It was hugely infectious, so I naturally left back – and could feel a bit of uro in the abdomen … After the movie, we went to a cafe to have a little to eat and drink. I sat at a table with some of my friends. Sille sat at the table opposite with his friends with my face towards me. And again she smiled regularly to me.
At one point I was going to the toilet, which was in the basement. When I got out of the bathroom, Sille came out of the ladies room at the same time, came to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek while she put her hand into mine and went up to the others. I looked after her well-formed body and sighed inside. When I opened my hand I stood with a pair of pants – or a G-string – and a small note. On the bank note: “Come at midnight” and an address at Amager.
My heart sprang a few blows over … I could not dare to just sniff to the G-string, which had a wonderful scent of a slightly damp pussy.

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I put the G-string and the note in the inner pocket and went up to the others. I sent a glimpse of Sille, but she showed nothing. We ate ready – but I could not help thinking that 2-3 meters from me was a wonderful young woman without panties. Now there was a serious lack of space in my smoking trousers!
By 23 o’clock we left the cafe. We said goodbye crosswise and each went into smaller groups. Sille went with his friends. I was in seven minds – by the way, I could be her father!

The time was now approx. 23:15, and I went over to the P-basement under Nyropsgade to pick up my car. It was doggy and I could not help thinking of Silles’s very just abdomen … When I drove up from the P-basement it was about 23:30 and that would take about 10 minutes to drive to the address Sille had given up. So I took the time to cruise a little around in the Copenhagen nightlife. Lots of life and happy people.

It was a couple of minutes in midnight when I tumbled in front of the given address. I slipped up to the apartment on the first floor, and could see a lightly flickering light that could indicate lighted candles – and a shadow of a person. I parked the car and went to the exit. On the doorstep next to the 1st floor to the right was Cecilie Petersen. I suddenly thought I could hear my own heart beating … I called. A weak sum indicated that the door was now open so I walked in and up to the 1st floor.
The door was opened, and there was Sille – this time a little bit of a smile. She still had the black dress on, but had now taken off her bra, so her breasts were now more visible than in the cinema.

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I put my hand in the inner pocket, took her G-string, gave her it with the words: “This is yours?”
Now her smile became a little safer when she accepted them and replied, “Thank you – I was afraid you would not come.” She slipped into my arms, looked deeply into my eyes, after which we kissed each other passionately. A slight fragrance of perfume hit me and I was sold!

The door was closed and we went into the living room, There – as I had guessed – was slightly illuminated by candles. Lovely decor, which could indicate that I was faced with a student with a more limited budget than us others established. But there was absolutely nothing left. On the coffee table stood an open bottle of red wine and two glasses. We sat down, got some wine in the glasses and chilled.

We talked a little about the film until Sille crawled over and sat over me on the couch. She could not help feeling my cock who was happily-so much there was now room for the pants. We kissed, and she cheated happily back and forth on my cock. I put my hand under her skirt and grabbed her warm well-shaped balls, causing her to moan a little and wiggle a little more. I kissed her down the neck and pulled her skirt straps down over her shoulders, So her breasts appeared – WOW.
Beautiful, natural breasts, with slightly stiff nipples, almost begging to be cheated. I kissed my ways down to one breast – met a nipple, which now began to stretch happily, snatched it, slammed it with lips and licked it gently. Sille had eyes closed and moaned now higher. I searched for the second breast that received the same treatment before kissing up my throat to her waiting mouth.

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I overturned Sille on the couch, kissed her on her soft belly skin, and began to pull her dress off. She lifted her hips so I could better remove the dress. Her lap was exposed and revealed a weak strip of hair. She spread her leg easily, and I could now see her wonderfully beautiful pussy – with lips that shone with her excitement.

I kissed her venus mountain and met with a drunk hot smell. I searched further down, kissed gently along the lapslings down to the opening, where I let the tongue play a little. She tasted wonderful! I hugged her a little, then I let her tongue slide up and divorce her lap. When I hit her dumble it gave a gib in her. I slowly circled it, gently slid it with my lips and slid down again. I sucked her wonderfully soft little lips, and enjoyed her deep sigh of well-being. I love this – I think so much like licking a woman …

She was driving wet. I gently pushed two fingers while licking up and down along the first end of the lap and saw the other. I gently sucked her dandruff. She began to move her abdomen up against my mouth and my fingers, And moaned now higher. I found her G-point and massage gently meant I continued my play with the tongue. I kept licking around her dune and could feel her orgasm coming. With a loud mood her pussy cramped hugging my fingers, and she repeatedly hit her pussy against me until she slowly relaxed. My fingers were the pursuit of her juices.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with a blurred gaze. Then she got up from the couch, took me by the hand and pulled me into her bedroom where she pushed me on my bed.
She sat in front of me, opened my pants and raised them from me. Then she let her hands slide over my legs and my thighs, and nodded for my cock without the underpants that stood like a circus tent! She licked them of me, And looked forward to my cock as (finally) was released. She started kissing my noses and licking on them before she slid her heavy slide slowly up the shaft until she hit my dickhead, where she played a little with the string on the underside. Then she licked around the pitchhead before she gently put it into her mouth. She sucked the dickhead and played with her tongue. Then she slowly slowed down over the shaft – it was wonderful. She drove her lips up and down the shaft, sucked the dickhead, and began to chill for my noses.

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From time to time she looked at me with her wonderful blue-green eyes – with a glance telling that she really enjoyed doing this. She slammed my cock with my mouth slowly crawling on me while kissing and licking my body. She clutched my shirt along my way, tied my butterfly up, Was kidding my body until she reached my face where she hugged her mouth tight. At the same time she licked her abdomen in position until my dick was right next to her pussy. She waved a little back and forth, just let the dickhead drop inside the heat while we kissed passionately.

At one point this became too much for her and she let down slowly, so my cock disappeared completely into her. Now I do not belong to the world’s poorest equipment, but she seemed like nothing, slipped my mouth and gave me a loud sigh when I was in the bottom. She enjoyed the moment – and I did so too! – before she slowly started riding me. I could feel that she tightened her pussy around my cock, massage it while she rubbed her dumpling up and down that cock. Her ride became faster and faster, And I could feel she was close to another orgasm. I grabbed her wonderful breasts, hugged them, played with her incredibly stiff nipples. She moaned loudly now, and her abdomen rotated while she slid up and down on my cock. Then her body stretched herself, and she sat motionless for a short moment before she, with a little scream, let her fall over me, while her abdomen moved almost uncontrollably on my cock. She bumped her pussy on me again and again until she slowly fell to rest.

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We lay for a moment and enjoyed it. Still with my cock deeply buried in her I overturned her back so that I was now hugged between her scattered legs. Her pussy was shiny glossy of her juices and I enjoyed the sight of my cock between her lap. I slowly pulled my cock out, And cooled for her dune with the dickhead before I let it slip inside again. I hugged her slowly, enjoying the sight of her little lips that smelled of my cock. Her dandruff almost bowed to be touched, but I overcame the temptation and just enjoyed the warmth and wetness of my cock and the scent sounds when I moved in and out.

Still with her dick buried in her, I lifted her one leg over my head and slid beside her. I continued to bump into her while I was kidding for her breasts and kissing her neck, looking at her ears until she turned her head and my mouth met her.
I let my hand slide down over her body, her wonderful stomach, down to her pussy, where I cautiously kissed her sham lips, which was almost sucked around my cock. I started to chill for her dandruff, which immediately caused her to bump hard again every time my cock slipped into her. It began to cuddle in her body again, and at the same time I felt the unmistakable sense of my own orgasm that was on its way. She did not stay long before she had to surrender herself to the violence of orgasm. And this time I could not stay anymore … her freaking fast grip on my cock made the shot. I hit her hard and while her pussy collapsed around my cock, I repeatedly sprayed my sperm up her, which apparently only reinforced her orgasm.

I can not remember that I have sprayed so much and so long before … When we had a little rest, I pushed her over the side so that we could now happen. I moved my cock slowly in and out of her, And enjoyed the feeling of my cock in her. It lasted surprisingly long before my cock finally began to lose its stiffness, but before it had become completely slippery we were both kidding.

When I woke up, Sille was next to me and snoresov – she was the goddess beautiful as she lay there. So sweet and natural. She had pulled her duvet over us. I stood gently out of bed, clenched my shirt and found the rest of the clothes that I was looking into the living room and pulled on. I turned the last candles off and went into the bedroom – I just had to look at this beautiful woman again. I got a crazy idea – took my butterfly, folded it and put it on the bed next to her. Then I left the apartment, went down and sat in the car. It was almost 4 o’clock. I was sitting for a moment thinking about the evening’s course – totally wild!

I drove home, and 45 minutes later I stood in my bedroom and took off my clothes. When I removed my pants, I felt a little bump – put her hand in her pocket and found her G-string and a small note: “Are we seeing again?”

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