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Model Caught on Red Tube : An Erotic Short Story

She needed money, at all corners she missed and her last lover paid only the most. With the rent, she was already back in retirement, her small car jumped only when it was fancy, the telephone bill was at least paid and so she had access to the Internet and read the advertisements in the various markets. Everything was offered, insurance agents and fund managers, job agents, sex search, hobby offers, etc. After hours of searching, their look fell on an advertisement, as a jewelery maker sought a handsome model, to the presentation of the jewels at fairs. She knew that she had a very erotic aura, her many admirers and admirers were the evidence, jewelry she loved, like any woman and to present she found, she was born.

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She put a mail on with photo attachment and sent it to the company and already after half an hour the telephone rang. Klaus Z., the company owner, was quite enthusiastic about her application and what surprised her, he knew her from her teenage age. Now she was curious, was it again such a cheap dressing or was it really the one who had me almost 25 years ago almost naked?

Klaus knew the model, once he was immortal in the girl who shot Silvia, which surprised him a bit, he knew her with her red tube, long, brown hair, but the picture he now held in her hands showed a long-maned blonde, but red tube , as she did then, no, even far more red tube, the teenage girl had taken her off and had become a charmingly red tube blonde, with a feminine figure, breathtaking, he was hurried from her and joyfully excited and curious about what he would see at the Frankfurt fair , His stand was directed and before the beginning of the fair he had agreed with Silvia that she should be around 8.00 at his stand. Clothes should be smart and elegant, but also with erotic touch.

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The other stands were already occupied with its exhibitors, Klaus decorated his jewels when he heard whispers and admiring whistles behind him, he turned around and there she stood:

. His “old” Love, a real beauty with a radiant smile

He held he was looking for a model, he had found a dream, he was

wearing a turquoise-colored silk dress, her neck was covered, the neckline was deep, she covered a bra-loose bosom, the fabric flowed over the frail body and gently tanned Legs, the feet stuck in matching sandals.

Something strange, she stood in the mess room and held out a hand to Klaus, I am Silvia, you will surely remember me! He ignored her hand and walked up to her, embracing her tenderly and kissing her cheeks in the French manner on the right and left. He was a man of this creature, and already at the embrace he felt his male excitement. But now the show was more important, he estimated it briefly, then took a pearl necklace with black South Seas, whose lock ended in a drop-shaped diamond in noble yellow gold. He put her the matching bracelet, the earrings and the ring on and turned her to the mirror.

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Wow, a real queen! The jewelry subtly refined the beauty. Everything was right, the golden hair, the splendid figure, the exhilarating female forms, and his jewelry, which seemed to be made for her only. So the successful day of the fair went by, and Silvia drew the visitors and Klaus often thought that everyone “went out of his mind” before he came to the booth. He had the idea that many of them had their coat and Silvia showed off her sales stall and showed that the slogan, horny but doofe blonde was nothing true, but he knew, too, actually she was brown-haired!

The clock finally showed the end of the fair, and Silvia’s admirer slowly disappeared from the mess, the hall emptied, the lights went out, and Klaus pulled the blonde into the next room, which was set up for customer interviews. Already during the day the two had always approached each other again, first they stroked and touched each other, glided over the body of the other as if by chance, and somehow they breathed a kiss, signifying that they still loved each other years after , Some of the touches were also very clear and so they realized that they wanted to experience these desires together. In the silent little chamber, at last, her lips and intimate hot, long kisses joined her and increased endless desire.

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Klaus sat in front of her and his red tube porn glided over her shoulders and stroked the neck. His tongue drew the cut of the dress, and his hands gently stretched the gleaming form of her bosom. Silvia’s head sank back, her shoulders falling, showing her relief and ascending excitement as she felt the well-experienced fingers at her lust buds. As if by magic, the dress fell from her shoulders and Klaus licked the hardened nipples. He sucked, he licked, he formed until he realized Silvia’s benevolent sighing. His face played with the bosom, he kissed and licked and she felt the red tube porn on her legs and thighs, her now moist panties slipped over her butt, she wanted it so and let him grant red tube porn.

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Yes, she helped him, because now she wanted everything. She opened his necktie, the shirt, stripped off her dress and pushed him to the ground. The pants were quickly removed and already she noticed the clear excitement of her partner in his panties, but Klaus pulled her butt to herself around her wet pussy to laben. Her excitement had run down the inside of her thighs, too much had he done, and the public place of the event had brought her into the greatest pleasure. And now she sat with her hot pussy on the face of the man who had given her her first orgasms of her then young life. However, she had to confess, he had worked on the technology! His tongue around her labia, cautiously biting into it, surrounded the clitoris and played with the opening of her ureter.


In the meantime, she had cleared his sword against her. Surprisingly, she must have had an influence on him, because up to now she had not done anything. So often had he dreamed of it already, even before they were together, that she would be able to take his thing skilfully in his hand and finally his dream seemed to be fulfilled. Even more, for he felt her damp tongue, peered between her thighs and breasts, and saw how this glorious woman devoured him. He really had to concentrate not to prematurely ejaculate. Gently, he pushed her aside, massaged the mistress with his fingers, and was delighted at the sight of how beautiful it looked, as his rod disappeared in the mouth of the blond. He felt her teeth, her palate, he felt the hand on the hanger, and he flowed into lust and lust fully at with Tube Galore.

He reached for her, slipped through her hair, and gripped his shoulders, he pulled her up to her lips and met without her having to do anything, the hard cock drove through her love pin. Their tongues were playing together, and through slow circling movements Klaus pushed deeper and deeper into her pleasure pool.

He took hold of the pel and raised the pelvis to penetrate deeply into her, her full tits slumped, he pounded his sluthole and reached the full curves, kneaded, pressed them together and licked the hard warts, biting tenderly, nibbling at it and fucked in the greatest desire the hot, wet pussy. Welding beads stood on the forehead, until a common orgasm relaxed the birds, and the two juices sipped their sacks. For a long time he was still in his girlfriend and kissing each other tenderly.

Only a look at the clock showed them, soon the halls will be closed! And before they wanted to share the coming night, they would have liked to have a drink, because everyone knows: fucking makes you thirsty!
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